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Ruffo the Alpaca went grocery shopping the other day at one of the local Hmart supermarkets and came across a beverage that was totally unfamiliar to him. On the shelf were a variety of six pack drinks with colorful cans that caught his attention. These soft drinks were made by a company called Hawaiian Sun which is indeed based out of Honolulu in Hawaii. Ruffo decided to give their Island Iced Tea a try, so he picked up a six pack to try at home.

Alpacas drink Hawaiian Sun Island Iced Tea Drink

Alpacas drink Hawaiian Sun Island Iced Tea drink and give it a thumbs up!

The design of the Hawaiian Sun Island Iced Tea can features a design of a setting sun in the distance with palm trees in the foreground, and mountains with watefalls on the side. If there are no Hmart stores near you, it looks like Hawaiian Sun Island Iced Tea is available for purchase at